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Air Force One


You have reached the Home Page of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 24. Local 24 represents over 400 highly skilled men and women who work on Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, the home of Air Force One! We provide worldwide airlift and logistical support for the U.S. President, the Vice President, Cabinet members, and other high-ranking U.S. and foreign government officials.

About our Website: When you mention Andrews Air Force Base the first thing most people think of is Air Force One. Although Air Force One is the call sign of whatever aircraft the President is flying on, most people think of the VC-25A which is a Boeing 747 or of the older and now retired VC-137 a Boeing 707 as being Air Force One. Both aircraft built by IAM members.

When the first VC-137 was to be delivered, President Kennedy asked American industrial designer Raymond Loewy to help design the interior along with a paint scheme for the exterior. Loewy came up with the now famous two shades of blue, white and polished aluminum finish. The typeface that spells out “United States of America” is known as Caslon, the typeface that was used on the first printed copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Our website color scheme is based on two shades of blue with a white main column. The letters in the masthead are a stylized form of Caslon. The Local 24 logo is based on the IAM’s aerospace logo but with the color changed from gold to silver to represent the polished metal of Air Force One and of the silver wings that Air Force aviators wear.

There is a great deal of information on our website. Some of it is geared towards Local 24 members like information on meetings and news of what is going on in our local. Other information is aimed at our members, other union members and anyone who ever had questions about union membership. These pages concern the rights that union members enjoy. There is also general information like the pages on the history of the IAM and labor history in the United States. We know from our server statistics that these pages are some of the most popular on our website with many visits from schools.

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